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City Life

City Life

Author: Bernita
File size: 8.9MB
For iClone 3.2C or above
iContent List Price : $15.00

Pack Description

A pack of 6 female outfits (F-Casual and F-Gown) for City Girls, included 5 female shoe textures. Uppers and lowers are interchangeable.

Required Upper Base
C285A Violet Casual Upper
C285A Violet Gown Upper
Required Lower Base
C285A Violet Casual Lower
C285A Violet Gown Lower
Required Shoe Base
C285A Violet Casual
C285A Violet High Heels


Pack includes

6  (F-Casual@# F-Gown)
17Materials  (6 Uppers@# 6 Lowers@# 5 Shoes)



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