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The Addamson Family

The Addamson Family

Author: Shygirl/Clones2go
File size: 12.4MB
For iClone 3.2C or above
iContent List Price : $8.00

Pack Description

A pack of Six Cloth sets to create your spooky themed video.
Pack includes animated 'Thing' prop in box and Free Cousin It prop which can be moved on the timeline.

Required Upper Base
C247A Trey Overcoat 01 Upper
C247A Trey Overcoat 02 Upper
C285A Violet Gown Upper
Required Lower Base
C247A Trey Baggy Lower
C247A Trey Casual Lower
C285A Violet Sheath Lower
C285A Violet Gown Lower


Pack includes

* Not included in this pack:
  Hair is not included



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