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Funny Bunnies

Funny Bunnies

Author: Bigboss
File size: 33.3MB
For iClone 3.2C or above
iContent List Price : $29.95
Export Price(?) : $53.9

Pack Description

The Pack contains a multi layer G3 Skintight Bunny Cloth, a set of fully animated Bunny Ear accessory Cloth, a Bunny Tail accessory Cloth and 5 fully textured avatars by Alley.
The Bunny Ears include 15 embedded movement positions to represent the Character’s immediate mood. These can be animated one at the time or sequenced to represent constant and/or random movement of the ears in relation to the characters expression or mood. The Pack also includes 6 Props (Bar Table, 2 cocktail drinks, 2 whine glasses, one Serving Tray) and 10 accessories (Bunny Ear and Bunny Tail Cloths plus 5 fully textured Bunny Ears, a Bunny Tail and a pair of Earrings).


Pack includes

10Accessories  (Bunny Ear and Bunny Tail accessory Cloths + 5 fully textured Bunny Ears)
6Characters  ( a Bunny Tail and a pair of Earrings)



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