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G3 Character - Fairy Tale
Fairy Tale
Author: Bigboss
File size: 90.6MB
For iClone 3.2C or above
iContent List Price : $29.95

Pack Description

The Pack contains a multi-layer "Petite Style" Fairy Cloth, two sets of fully animated wing accessory Cloths, Christmas Hat and Halo accessory Cloths, AML, flying motions and 5 fully textured avatars by Alley. The Avatar Cloth includes long skintight Boots, Skintight sleeves and a miniskirt. The wing accessories include Butterfly and Dragonfly like wing structure with 8 embedded flying motions commands that are inherited by the Avatar when applying the wing accessory. The Cloth also features a very high resolution Skin Texture layer that accurately reproduces female skin pigmentation. The Cloth and Textured characters are provided in iC3 and iC4 format. The iC4 version of the Cloth has additional gloves which can be textured inside iC4.


Pack includes

14Accessories  (4 Accessory Cloths plus 10 fully textured Accessories; Angel Halo@#Christmas Hat@#Butterfly & Dragonfly Wings)
8Motions  (8 Motion files)
6Characters  (1 "Petite Style" Fairy Cloth plus 5 fully textured Avatars by Alley)
1Persona  (Little Fairy)



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