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G3 Character - 3D-C4G3 Magic Suit
3D-C4G3 Magic Suit
Author: Apparition - Mike Aparicio
File size: 375MB
For iClone 3.2C or above
iContent List Price : $96.00
iContent Special Price : $9.00

Pack Description

A revolutionary G3 character clothing system, using multilayered technologies. Instant clothing is produced by dropping fabric bitmaps into materials. No need to purchase textures or get involved in complex image painting. 17 progressive mesh templates and may samples are included. Download tutorial at:


Pack includes

12Accessories  (4 hat templates 1 bow tie and 7 samples)
15Lower Bodies  (3 templates@# 12 ready to use samples)
28Upper Bodies  (14 templates@# 15 ready to use samples)
16Characters  (G3 youngster kid and 15 samples)
14Pairs of Shoes  (3 templates@# 11 ready to use shoes)
* Not included in this pack:



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