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G3 Character - Cloth-4-G3
Author: Mike Aparicio - Apparition EstudioA
File size: 33.8MB
For iClone 3.1 or above
iContent List Price : $96.00

Pack Description

A female template set, with 10 top and 7 bottom templates, to create your custom clothing for Trinity, Violet and other G3 Female Characters.
Now you can start making your own clothes!

How To:
If you want to learn how to load and save materials or how to model cloth, please click here.

For Developers:
For those who want to submit texture packs, we accept material files only. To learn how to make custom material thumbnails, please click here.


Pack includes

7Lower Bodies  
3Pairs of Shoes  
17Materials  (10 upper and 7 lower)
10Upper Bodies  (with 1 Bonus)



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