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Author: Majorgaine
File size: 119MB
For CTA 1.11 or above
iContent List Price : $29.95

Pack Description

Goblins are funny and cheeky and they love to get a grind on somebody. Often they are living in your neighborhood. In the house, the garden, the park or in the forest. If you catch him, he have to fulfil a desire.

This pack contains 8 figures of Goblins (4 front and 4 side poses). 3 different heads, 24 Hat-props (12 front and 12 side poses), 6 scene-props, 8 plant-props.

The Goblins-pack also includes 3 forest scenes.


Pack includes

8Characters  (4 front character@# 4 side character)
14Props  (6 props@# 8 plants)
6Heads  (3 front heads@# 3 side heads)
24Prop for Actors  (12 Hats front@# 12 Hats side)



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