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Black the Cow

Black the Cow

Author: digiMagic
File size: 7.62MB
For iClone 4.3 or above
iContent List Price : $9

Pack Description

Blacky the Cow
Behind the hills where the gras is green and the sky is allways blue there is Toon Village.
That's the place where Blacky the Cow is living with his cute, little friends.
Come and see!
Blacky is a Non human Character rigged with horsebones. He can be fully animated in iClone.
You can apply all RL standard horse motions (run, walk, etc.)
Visit to see Blackys friends!


Pack includes

1Character  (Blacky the Cow i.Avatar)
9Props  (Sun@# Cloud@# Lolly@# Lollypop@# Stable@# Rainbow@# Flag@# Sign@# Apple)
1Project  (Bonus Project)



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