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After many years of 3D content accumulation, Reallusion is happy to present that the largest and fastest growing online library of 3D characters, models, materials and valuable mocap motions. Reallusion provides users with an open-content platform, where most content is already optimized for real-time playback while maintaining high visual quality. Learn all about the major content benefits:

What is iContent?
iContent is the proprietary content formats for iClone. Users can find these major content types inside iClone or in the Reallusion Content Store & Marketplace. iContent is designed with two different license types for different uses. All embedded content inside iClone already comes with an export license, so users may export them in FBX, BVH, & OBJ formats via 3DX Pipeline at no additional cost. Users also have the option to purchase content with an iContent License or an Export License inside the Reallusion Content Store & Marketplace.
iContent License
Video or image rendering inside iClone

Currently, the contents found in the Reallusion Content Store and Marketplace are mostly made in iContent license unless marked with export license. iContent license allows you to use the content for any image or video creation.

iContent includes the following file formats; iAvatar, iMotion, iProp, and others.

Export License
Export content to other CG/game tools

To export iContent (iClone 3D Content) and use them in other 3D software (e.g. Maya, Max, DAZ...), or 3D game engines (e.g. Unity, Unreal...) you need to first get the export license. You may get the 3DXchange Pipeline version to convert iContent into FBX, OBJ or BVH formats.

The Export License covers the commercial use of rendered images and videos. For more details please refer to Reallusion's End User License Agreement.

iClone content is very valuable once exported into industry standard formats as it can be used by the entire 3D animation community. If you already own Content with an iContent License, then it is possible to deduct the iContent cost in your shopping cart when purchasing your Export License inside 3DXchange Pipeline.

Schedule for export license content in Marketplace

Triable iContent

If you load an iClone project, character, motion, prop, or material file which contains trial iContent, then you will see a watermark displayed in the 3D view. You can only preview the trial content inside iClone, and you are not able to save them in your content library, or further modify them. After purchasing your iContent license, then the watermark will be removed. You may then edit, modify, and save the licensed iContent.

iContent License vs Export License
  iContent License Export License
Available Content Format iContent (iClone Native Format) iContent, FBX, BVH, OBJ
Required Software iClone iClone & 3DXchange Pipeline
Average Price per Motion $1~1.5 $2~3 (2~3 times price difference)
Royalty-free Yes Yes
Website Purchase Store Reallusion Content Store & Marketplace 3DXPortal
Royalty-free Guarantee
More than quality and selection, royalty-free means that once you buy content from Reallusion then you will have the right to display the content in any number of commercial or personal projects, paying nothing more. Simplify your creative process with royalty-free content and let your mind manage your creativity, not worry about your usage rights.

Important Notice
Notice for developers or vendors using Reallusion, or 3rd-party content for mass distribution including game titles, apps, online services or kiosk for, but not limited to various platforms: PC, Mac, mobile and game consoles -- To get the free mass distribution rights for using Reallusion content, developers and vendors must first register their game or application information with Reallusion (please contact marketing@reallusion.com), in order to receive the license agreement letter.

Content EULA
When you purchase content either with an iContent License or an Export License from Reallusion, please make sure you read Reallusion’s Content EULA (End User License Agreement) to understand the terms and conditions that govern the use of Reallusion content.
How to verify your Content License and buy?
To better help you identify content with different licenses, Reallusion has designed a smart color system inside 3DXchange Pipeline. With this, users can instantly know what kind of license they currently have for specific content, and how to upgrade your content with a different license. If you have purchased the content with iContent license before, the price will be deducted automatically by the system when you purchase the export license version.
Check out the content license identify system
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