For iClone 2.0 or above  
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LivePlants 3D Scenes – World Wilderness Volume 1 provides you 8 different natural sceneries with foliage, including Canyon, Fall, Grass Land, Savanna, Snow Land, Wheat Field, Woods and Jungle. Based on the geography and seasons, these sceneries are realistic with plants sway along with wind for dynamic display. And none of these effects slow down your PC!

Using iClone 2.0 special effects, such as fog, snow and rain, you can quickly create the atmosphere for your scene.

Please turn on Pixel Shader setting to see the complete result of live plants.



Product : LivePlants 3D Scenes – World Wilderness Volume 1

For iClone 2:
Pack includes 8 3D Scenes
File size: 54.8 MB

For iClone 3.0 or above:
Pack includes 8 3D Scenes and 8 Skies
File Size: 85.4 MB

Price:$ 24.50

Preview the scene examples created with World Wilderness Volume 1 and iClone 2.0 special effects:

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