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Product: Street Dance Popping

Popping is one of the street dance styles that based on the quick muscle contraction techniques to blend into various poses and it’s often integrated with Robot, Waving and Tutting.

The Popping motion pack contains 22 popular Locking motions which will allow you to mix-and-match movements and create plenty of different freestyle moves and improvisations! All of the motions were captured from professional dancers and use expertly choreographed dance moves with exquisitely detailed limb and digit movements.

If you want to see some examples of Popping, check out a Michael Jackson and justin timberlake's video! Feel free to dance along to your avatars and become a master popper yourself!

Demo Video
*Click the image to view the demo video
What's included:
• Routines x 7
• Basic Moves x 8
• Opening Moves x 2
• Ending Moves x 2
• Grooves x 2

Author : Reallusion
File size : 36.6 MB
For iClone 5.3 or above!

iContent Price : $ 49.95

Export Price(?) : $ 149

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