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Product : Medieval Motions

This ultimate motion pack includes 7 fighting animation collections which consist of a total of 421 motions, which come along with different characters and their associated weapons: Hero Weapon & Shield, Hero General, Hero Bow, Hero Wizard, Hero 2-Hand Weapon, Hero Spear and Hero w/ 2 Weapons. All motions contained in this pack are associated with medieval style battle motions.

The simple characters in this pack are designed to accommodate a particular type of weapon motion as opposed to fancy visual appearance, making them perfect for supporting roles in a crowded battle theme.

There is also an animated bow included in this pack, which can be linked to a character and animated to perform dynamic aiming and shooting animations.

Pack Includes :

  • 7 Characters
  • 1 Animated Prop
  • 421 Motions:
    General Motion x 110
    2-Hand Weapon x 50
    2 Weapons x 60
    Bow x 58
    Spear x 59
    Weapon & Shield x 52
    Wizard x 32

Author: Mr. Necturus
File size: 60.9 MB
For iClone 5.51 or above!

List Price: $99.00

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