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Author: Reallusion
File size: 24.8MB
For CT 6.0 only
iContent List Price : $12.95

Pack Description

5 talented cute little kitties for you to play with. Each kitty masters its own music instrument. Use them in school projects, greeting cards and blogs. You can even start your band and sing your favorite songs!

Special Feature
Pack includes special Kitties Profile to imitate the cat-like fun of your model.
Additionally, this pack includes 15 CTM files:
1. 5 without background
2. 5 with brackground
3. 5 with background which doesn't have "Kitties". You can use CrazyTalk Special Effects such as Image Overlay -> Illustration -> A_Still_RT or Text SFX -> 2_Caption -> 09_Flash to type the words that you want.

Note: For the best facial animation performance, adjust the global slider to the middle when using this profile. Global Slider is located on the upper right corner of the script table.




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