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Western Saloon Girls

Western Saloon Girls

Author: Alley
For iClone 5.4 or above
iContent List Price : $7.95
iContent Special Price : $1

Pack Description

Based on Gwynn Clone Cloth, these are Western style Saloon Girls or Show Girls characters. Each includes two hair feathers,earrings plus red version includes lace gloves and plain skin gloves (gloves by Apparition). Faces with complimentary eye makeup also included. Garters made in zbrush.

Use of Skirt Requires Flowing Skirt Elements, Volume 1.


Pack includes

11Accessories  (4 feathers)
2Heads  ( 2 garters)


Some items in the pack require base models for them to function properly. If you do not have the following base contents, you may get incorrect results.

You could purchse these item(s) from the Marketplace:

E005 Gwynn Shoes Cuban-Heels , E005 Gwynn Lower Skirt , E005 Gwynn Lower Relaxed Pants , E005 Gwynn Upper Bodysuit
To learn more about these items or to purchase related items for a better deal, please go to:
G5 CloneCloth for Gwynn

Some items in this pack require base models that can only find in content packs to function correctly. If you do not have the following base contents, you may get incorrect results.

The require models can be found in the following pack(s):
G5 CloneCloth for Gwynn

This is a derivative content from the following base content. Please make sure you have the base content for this content to function as a full version. A derivative content can not be uploaded for sale unless it is modified from a base content.

Required Item: S B Full Hard , Dummy , S B Full Hard


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