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Cranky Old Men

Cranky Old Men

Author: Alley
For iClone 5.4 or above
iContent List Price : $9.95

Pack Description

This pack consists of 3 detailed old man faces which were first mapped in iClone and then edited in Photoshop to add more details to the face. There are three different outfits to create unique and distinctly different old men. Also included are a hat and cane.

Use the Avatar proportion dials to create a more realistic body for an older man. Ideally, adjust upper and lower torso width and depth, as well as thighs, upper and lower arms. Neck can be made shorter and wider and you can also use the twist and forward/backward adjustments to create a more hunched over look. "Bernard" motions work well with these characters.

Also included are material files for upper body skin and hands. Load these on the appropriate skins but save the bump maps for reloading, as the characters have different skin tones.

If you need any help with this, please write me at .


Pack includes

2Accessories  (1 Hat)


Required Base Model

E007 Chuck Lower Relaxed PantsE007 Chuck Upper Casual

G5 CloneCloth for Chuck.

G5 CloneCloth for Chuck


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