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G5 Texture - Chuck & Neighbors Combo
Chuck & Neighbors Combo
Author: Alley
File size: 95.0MB
For iClone 5.23 or above
iContent List Price : $14.99

Pack Description

Combo Pack for the 4 characters from "Chuck and the Neighbors" by Reallusion - G5 Characters.

There is an optional flowing Skirt accessory for Wanda which requires Flowing Skirt Elements Volume 1 but this is an optional accessory.

To use these characters, you must own Chuck and the Neighbors - availablle at the Reallusion Content Store or on the Marketplace.


Pack includes

34Accessories  (See Pack Descriptions)
70Materials  (Uppers@# Lowers@# Shoes@# Skin)


Required Base Model

E003 BernardE003 MarioE003 MatildaE003 Wanda

Chuck & The Neighbors.


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