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Author: Alley
File size: 23.7MB
For iClone 5.13 or above
iContent List Price : $8.99

Pack Description

Pirates is a set of 4 characters from G5 Clone Cloth. Pack includes 1 each Male & Female pirate face, earring, lace cuffs, pirate patch, pirate hat, boot cuffs, flex waste ties, 2 retextured default hairs, 3 bracelets for female & a sword and pistol sourced in Google Warehouse.


Pack includes

19Accessories  (3 Bracelets@# 2 ties@# 2 Pirate Patches@# 2 Head Scarves@# 4 boot Flaps@# 2 lace cuffs@# 1 earring@# 1 pistol@# 1 sword@# 1 pirate hat )
2Heads  (Male Pirate@# Female Pirate)
2Hairs  (Retextured flex default hair)
10Materials  (4 Upper@# 4 Lower@# 2 Shoe)


Required Base Model

E005 Gwynn Shoes Flat-HeelsE005 Gwynn Upper BodysuitE005 Gwynn Upper OvercoatE005 Gwynn Lower SkirtE005 Gwynn Lower Tight

G5 CloneCloth for Gwynn.

E007 Chuck Upper OvercoatE007 Chuck Lower Skinny PantsE007 Chuck Lower TightE007 Chuck Shoes Flat-Sole

G5 CloneCloth for Chuck.

G5 CloneCloth for ChuckG5 CloneCloth for Gwynn


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