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Author: Apparition/Alley
File size: 34.9MB
For iClone 5.23 or above
iContent List Price : $9.95
iContent Special Price : $1.00

Pack Description

"Lucifer", a G5 Character by Apparition

Created using Apparition G5 High Res Head, and sculpted in Zbrush, this character is textured with high detail. Perfect for horror or halloween movies. Added are the free demon wings from Reallusion, which are textured to blend with the character. Character comes with pitchfork (spring can be turned on and off) and Spring Devil Tail.

Video uses Mythical Dragon "Crumbling Dirt" effect, available in the CITY Marketplace.


Pack includes

2Accessories  (Smoke Particle Pitchfork)
1G5 Standard Character  ( Flex Tail)



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