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G5 Character - G5 Cloth Circus Clowns
G5 Cloth Circus Clowns
Author: Bigboss
File size: 203MB
For iClone 5.22 or above
iContent List Price : $24.95

Pack Description

This pack includes 2 G5 Native Multi-Layer Cloths specially designed by Bigboss for Circus Clown type Characters plus 5 Clown Avatars, fully textured to the finest details by Shygirl!

Both Clown Cloths include 4 layer Uppers (Skin, Jacket, Shirt & Real Suspenders) plus double layer Lowers (Skin & Pants). Hats, Clown Shows, Gloves and Accessories Included.

The Clown Cloths are true native G5 Cloths made by Bigboss which are fully compatible with Reallusion's G5 Standard Characters., i.e. you can use all other standard G5 accessories, shoes, hands and heads on the characters as they will rescale automatically to fit the Clown character Body proportions.

These Cloths were skinned to the highest standard by Bigboss and the characters were carefully textured by Shygirl.


- This pack requires iClone 5.2 and up.
- These characters shine by their quality and craftsmanship.

This Pack fully complements all other G5 Cloth Packs by Bigboss.

Have fun!


Pack includes

7G5 Standard Characters  (2 G5 Native Multi-Layer Cloths for Making Circus Clown type Characters plus 5 Clown Avatars)



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