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Author: Bigboss
For IC: v5.5 or above
iContent List Price : $19.95
Export Price(?) : $35.9

Pack Description

Bigboss is extremely proud to announce the arrival of a series of absolutely outstanding and stunning Animals by Arteria3D.

This is the African Tiger by Arteria3D.

This Pack contains one African Tiger Avatar. The Tiger was ported to iClone by Bigboss. It is presented as a non-human .iAvatar that can be fully animated inside iClone.

Furthermore, the Tiger comes with a LUA persona and 6 high quality motions; Idle, Attack, Gnaw, Sit Idle, Walk and Walk Injured. The motions are perfect cycle that can be repeated on the timeline.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Motion files for this Animal must reside in the "$iClone Template\Motion\Tiger\" folder for the LUA to find its way to the motion files Whereby "$iClone Template" environment variable typically translates to:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Reallusion\Template\iClone 5 Template\iClone Template\


Pack includes

1Character  (African Tiger Avatar with AML)
6Motions  (Idle, Attack, Gnaw, Sit Idle, Walk and Walk Injured)



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