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PR5MC BootsA Pack

PR5MC BootsA Pack

Author: Vit3D
File size: 22.0MB
For IC: v5.0 or above
iContent List Price : $5.95

Pack Description

This boots model created for use with PR5MC characters (cloths).
All items in PR5 (Photo Realistic 5) product line have custom middle-poly models and hi-resolution photo-realistic textures, specially designed for close look in HD video production. They based on G5 bone system and fully comparable with any standard G3-G5 motions and facial animations.

Model textures.
Diffuse, Normal Bump - 2048 x 2048
Specular - 512 x 512
Model has complete skin layer for feet with applied opacity mask

What in Pack.
PR5MC_BootsA - Shoes model for PR5MC characters.
PR5MC_BootsA_Black, PR5MC_BootsA_Yellow - Additional materials


Pack includes

1Pair of Shoes  


Required Base Model


PR5MC Starter.


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