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Creature Base - Toon Santa
Toon Santa
Author: 3D Universe
File size: 7.89MB
For iClone 4.3 or above
iContent List Price : $10.95
iContent Special Price : $9.95
Export Price(?) : $10.95

Pack Description

What better way to celebrate this Christmas than with a fun toon Santa character!

Toon Santa is a Creature base character. You won't be able to apply any iClone motions or facial animations to it. You can however open the Edit Motion menu by right clicking on the character and make your own poses or motions.

This pack is perfect for making Christmas videos or cards. This Toon Santa character from 3D Universe will add some Christmas fun to your runtime...


Pack includes

* Not included in this pack:
  Buildings, background, and poses are NOT included.



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