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B_0076-0080 Beech

B_0076-0080 Beech

Author: Reallusion
File size: 13.9MB
For iClone3 or above
iContent List Price : $2.95

Pack Description

iClone facilitates you with tree system in which parameters are provided for various effects of the tree planted. You may plant trees on the terrain or even link or attach them to some other target objects. The trees can cast and receive shadow or even swaying with the wind when you play back. You may then create a forest or potting in your project.

1. You may move the trees with the Move, Rotate and Scale tools to manipulate the tree as you do to the props.

2. Wind: If you increase the Strength value, the trees you plant sways harder when you play the project and vice versa.

3. Link: Because the tree is similar to the prop, you may then link your tree to a target such as a flowerpot.

If you want to know more details, please refer to our LivePlant Features or go to iClone3 Help: Set\Plants to learn how to use LivePlants.


Pack includes

5Trees  (with same texture but different styles)



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