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Author: Paul Louis
File size: 16.0MB
For iClone 2.5 - 3.2C
iContent List Price : $36.00
iContent Special Price : $5.00

Pack Description

FANTASY PACK contains FIVE fierce and mystical characters who dwell in the Middle Realm. Some are good, some are Evil, ...the choice is up to you. Imagine the thrilling epic masterpieces you can create with these heroes and villains. The pack includes ELF WARRIOR, DARKONIA THE NYMPH, OGDOR THE REBEL MONK, DWARF WARRIOR, & WARRIOR ORC. Getting the pack versus getting them individually, allows you to get one character absolutely FREE.
These are G1 characters created by Paul Louis, which are fully cleared for commercial & personal use in all of your iClone movies.
Begin the adventure NOW!


Pack includes

10Accessories  (necklace@# cape@# bow@# arrow pack@# shackle wrist@# shackle wrist@# chest piece@# sword@# sword@# axe)
5Characters  (Elf Warrior@# Warrior Orc@# Dwarf Warrior@# Ogdor the Rebel Monk@# Darkonia the Evil Nymph)



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