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Jesus & Apostles

Jesus & Apostles

Author: Anima Creativa
File size: 9.78MB
For CT 6.0 only
iContent List Price : $12.00
iContent Special Price : $9.00

Pack Description

Hard times comes and the spiritual guides are people who have attained a high level of spiritual awareness and use their knowledge to guide people on their own paths toward spiritual awakening. With the "Jesus & Apostles" spiritual guides image pack you can send Faith messages to all your loved!.

The 2d illustration technic packs are ideal for a effective , direct and universal communication. They are based on the image synthesis, highlighting the main natural qualities and the personality of each character like in cartoons and comics styles. This generates a fresh, artistic and funny image, easy to understand for people of all ages.

Feature: alpha channel image for a better character calibration, change background and flexible composition.

Image tip:Change the colors of the characters using the color balance panel available from the image processing button.




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