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People Illustrated-Kids

People Illustrated-Kids

Author: Anima Creativa
File size: 5.62MB
For CT 6.0 only
iContent List Price : $12
iContent Special Price : $9

Pack Description

The People illustrated packs are very useful for use in video messages,web pages, personal and professional blogs, educational materials and all types of prints.

The 2d illustration technic packs are ideal for a effective and universal communication. They are based on the image synthesis, highlighting the main natural qualities and the personality of each character like in cartoons and comics styles. This generates a fresh, artistic and funny image, easy to understand for people of all ages.

Special feature: ctm files with alpha channel for a better character calibration, change background and flexible composition.

Image tip:Changes the color of the characters! using the color balance panel available from the image processing button.




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