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Bathroom Props

Bathroom Props

Author: Squirrelygirl
File size: 7.75MB
For CTA 1.2 or above
iContent List Price : $2.99

Pack Description

Create bathroom scenes with these16 Props - Cabinet, Wall Light, Vanity Lights, Shelf, Sink, Soap Bar, Towel Rack, 2-Piece Bathtub, 3 Bubbles, Soap Dispenser, 2 Toilets (Lid Up and Lid Down), and Toothbrush Holder.


Pack includes

16Propss  (Cabinet@# 2 Lights@# Shelf@# Sink@# Soap@# Towel Rack@# 2-Piece Bathtub@# 3 Bubbles@# Soap Dispenser@# 2 Toilets@# and Toothbrush Holder)
* Not included in this pack:
  Room Background



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