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Score Variations - Action Theme Volume 1

Score Variations - Action Theme Volume 1

Author: Capemedia UK Limited
File size: 21.0MB
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iContent List Price : $24.99
iContent Special Price : $12.99

Pack Description

Music scores for film and video is fundamental to the production of any project. There a numerous different options available to directors and producers, but “Score Variations” by Capemedia UK Limited offers something different.

Each theme pack is based on a familiar premise, Action, Epic, Horror etc and is designed to give you the tools so you can design the music for your project.

Each theme volume will come with a number of themed songs; within each themed song you will get a number of different mixes. You will of course get the original full length song but also the shorter alternative mixes.


Pack includes

18Music Loops  (3 Themes with 6 mixes)



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