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bodmedia - Funky Space

bodmedia - Funky Space

Author: bodmedia
File size: 221MB
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Pack Description

“Funky Space” by bodmediaia, is a collection of original looped soundtracks for use in iClone and Crazy-Talk animations.

State-of-the-art digital synthesizers take you deep into the heart of space, with a little touch of ‘funk’ thrown in just for fun.

Pack includes 5 original digitally mastered looped soundtracks fully licensed for synchronization to Reallusion products.

• Space Flight
• Space Funk
• Space Stroll
• Space Solitude
• Space War

10 files:
5 - .wav (44.1 kHz - 16 bit)
5 - MP3 (320kbps)


Pack includes

5Music Loops  (Funky Space - Looped Soundtracks)



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