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Certification Center

Featured Certified Trainer

To really get into the program, you'll need to spend some time reading the documents and watching tutorials by yourself. There are times when all of us wish there was someone who we could consult in person and communicate with when we're stuck somewhere on a project. By providing certified trainers, we intend to keep this frustration to a minimum, and recruit the best Reallusion software trainers to help any beginner make their entry into the world of animation. You are encouraged to contact any of the certified trainers listed below to see if they can provide the service you need.

James Martin

From 2002 until present day I have diligently worked with Reallusion products specifically to help develop free training resources for the user base and content showcases utalizing the full range of Reallusion software options. Most recently becoming a Reallusoin Certified Trainer and offering iClone and CrazyTalk services to many companies and organizations globally. Including: PODS Portable On Demand Storage, VMWare, SHL People Intellegence Business Results, SWAROVSKI Jewelry, AMERICAN Express, COLES......
Skilled Product iClone, CrazyTalk Animator
Country United States
Language English
Training Services Phone consulting, on-site training, workshop training
Contact Info JimmyiClone@gmail.com, SKYPE: JamesCMartin
Tutorial Example http://www.youtube.com/user/iVolutionStudios?feature=


Cristian Moras (Stuckon3d)

I'm a 3d artist with 20 years experience.
I have worked on two major TV series ("Star Trek : Voyager" and "Deep Space nine"). Also worked for Disney, Nickelodeon, and Electronic Arts as a senior artist and an Art Director. I've also done movie trailers and music videos, as well as worked on six animated feature films.
Skilled Product iClone, CrazyTalk Animator
Country United States
Language English
Training Services Online live sessions via gotomeeting, phone consulting
Contact Info stuckon3d@gmail.com
Tutorial Example http://vimeo.com/13819118
Website http://forum.reallusion.com/Topic31003-33-1.aspx

Susanne Pass & Joe Pass

We started using iClone since 2008. Immediately we were thrilled by the possibilities the software offers. We like to share our experience with new users and give them a hand when they do their first steps in the world of 3D. Certainly we assist you with CrazyTalk Animator, too. Don't hesitate to contact us!

(Wir haben vor 3 Jahren mit iClone angefangen und waren sofort begeistert von den Möglichkeiten, die uns diese Software bietet. Gerne möchten wir unsere Erfahrungen mit neuen Usern teilen und Ihnen bei Ihren ersten Schritten in der 3D Welt mit Rat und Tat zur Seite stehen. Selbstverständlich helfen wir auch gerne mit CrazyTalk Animator! Wir freuen uns auf Sie!)
Skilled Product iClone, CrazyTalk Animator
Country Germany
Language German
Training Services Phone consulting, on-site training, workshop training,
online live sessions
Contact Info digimagic09@aol.com
Tutorial Example http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=plTJuRQC9kU
Website http://digimagic.eu/

Guy Langlois (Bigboss)

I am a computer engineer. I work in an engineering firm specialized in the development of high end audio/video and 3D equipment and authoring tools for the Film and Broadcasting industry. Aside from work, I play in a rock band and I contribute to the iClone industry as a Certified Content Developer and occasionally as a Certified Trainer by applying my engineering skills, business experience and creativity to the service of the iClone community.
Skilled Product iClone, CrazyTalk, Crazytalk Animator
Country Canada
Language English
Training Services Skype queries and exchanges
Contact Info Bigboss40@videotron.ca
Tutorial Example http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMZ9VGjpWic
Website http://city.reallusion.com/user/Bigboss

Ben Lim (the media skool)

The founder The Media Skool and he is currently working as a Chief Media Trainer. Ben started as a video production trainer cum director in one of the educational related companies in year 2000.

Formerly known and set up in 2004 as XSDfloral Production and Training Services, we have rebranded ourselves in 2009 to establish The Media Skool to address the increasing trend to create new talents and to propel Singapore’s global positioning in the Media and Broadcast realm.
Skilled Product iClone, CrazyTalk, Crazytalk Animator
Country Singapore
Language English, Chinese
Training Services On-site training, workshop training
Contact Info benlim@themediaskool.com
Tutorial Example http://themediaskool.com/portfolio
Website http://themediaskool.com/

Lock Chow (Intelligent Software)

I am a computer tutor since 2002. I have conduct multi-media software course to many different kind of people like primary and secondary teachers and students、university students and some SME workers.

Aside from training, I am a freelance writer in computer magazine, I have wrote some tutorial about iClone 3 , iClone 4 and Crazy Talk Animator. I also own a studio to shooting photo and video production.

Skilled Product iClone, CrazyTalk, Crazytalk Animator
Country Hong Kong, China
Language English, Chinese
Training Services On-site training, workshop training
Contact Info cyl@cylnet.com
Tutorial Example http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2-OGUegfow
Website http://www.i-software.com.hk

Gregory Lee(DGRooster Solution)

Gregory Lee (aka GReG) is the founder and technopreneur of DGRooster Resolution, a company that provide DIY (Do It Yourself) Animation Learning & Creation programs to businesses and end users in Malaysia.

Since 2011, DGRooster Solution inspired and helped the setup of Chili Padee Studio - Malaysia's 1st DIY Animation Learning & Creation Centre, enabling general public, even kids from the age of 7 to explore their creativity through animation learning and creation.

Skilled Product CrazyTalk, Crazytalk Animator
Country Malaysia
Language English, Chinese, Malay
Training Services On-site training, workshop training, Business Solution Training
Contact Info digi.rooster@gmail.com
Tutorial Example http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xPNxl8Ji0pg
Website http://www.facebook.com/DGrooster

Sazrul Zakri @Zack (Chilipadee Studio)

As a hobby, Zack was involved in creativity since 2000. He has also been involved in theater and appeared in plays with famous actors. Start seriously as a videographer and a freelance photographer in 2004. Most of his clients are from public and government departments. He is more focused in video for weddings, and is adept at using non-linear video editing software to produce high quality videos.

In July 2011, on top of his great interest in the field of creativity, particularly in animation, Zack also met with Greg from Digirooster Solution and agreed to be a business partner in order to start animation education classes for children of primary and secondary schools. In September 2011, the brand Chilipadee Studio (CPS) was established under the registered company Puncak Trading Versatile located in Sri Gombak, Selangor, Malaysia. Studio Chilipadee's mission was to share the knowledge of animation to Malaysians, especially to children as young as 7 years old who have potential in creativity. Now, CPS is moving to expand throughout the state.

Skilled Product CrazyTalk, Crazytalk Animator
Country Malaysia
Language Malay, English
Training Services On-site training, workshop training
Contact Info chilipadeestudio@gmail.com
Tutorial Example http://youtu.be/buj6mCJPA3Y
Website http://www.facebook.com/chilipadee

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